So, TheArgyleGargoyle, ItsAndyTime, Daruncic, and I went to the county fair. It was ghetto and wonderful. We rode beautiful hell ponies on the merry-go-round and took pictures of all of the derp decorations.

Good times were had, allergies were kicked into high gear, and more money was spent that was strictly necessary.

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Anime Fest Recap

So, It’s the day after AnimeFest and I’m a weird swirling mass of emotions. It was fun but it was basically a roller-coaster of highs and lows for everyone. Luckily more up than down. It started out sort of rough, two of my friends got off on the wrong foot due to a misunderstanding and I’m really hoping I can help mend it in time for the next convention so we can all hang out and I don’t need to split my time between the two.

The people I was rooming with are kind of amazing: Momaya, GeneralIvan, and his lovely girlfriend Antipediophobe along with two of my University friends ItsAndyTime and TheArgyleGargoyle. There was much laughing and silliness in the wee hours of the morning.

The Homestuck photoshoot was a small disaster, Too many people and not enough Momayas to go around and herd people into place. We did get the shots though and that’s what counts. However I was super stressed and no fun to be around. I had to channel Bitch Kanaya at one point and tell off this awful little Ita Lolita girl during the shoot but that’s of no real consequence.

Let me just say that I really am fond of all of the people I roomed with, thank you for making my AnimeFest wonderful :)

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It’s my old cat ‘Magique’ or rather ‘Magic’ (Shut up, I named him when I was twelve)

There WILL indeed be a fancy party this Sunday to celebrate~

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